Safe & Secure Platform Based On 128 Bit Encryption

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Here Is A Flowchart To understand How It Works

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Welcome to Easy Return Inc. We're glad & grateful you are here.

"Easy Return Inc." has obtained Excellency in Financial and Taxation segment over the period of 5 years. With the Chartered Accountants and Tax expert on the panel we have built a Unique platform for our B2B users. Our Platform made with a objective of to provide ease of use, so that it can reach under privilege section of India also. We have experience of Filling more than 1 Lakh Income Tax returns over the period. Each and every Tax return is thoroughly verified by our Tax experts before submitting to Tax department.

Reasons For Why You Should Choose Us

Easy To use

Our portal is very user friendly, with single page form it is just a 5 minute task to Apply for a service.

Very Economical Prices

Our prices are very economical with Income Tax Filing starts at just Rs 70/-, All of our services are at very competitive prices.

Back End Support

With motive to Always ready to help we are here for you be Phone Services, Chat Service, Mail Service and much more.

Professional Services By Expert

We have dedicated expert team. We are committed to provide professional and convenient experience to our clients.

Safe And Secure

Our Platform is based on 128 bit Encryption. There by providing you safe and secure services.

Quick Processing

We know the value of time, we don't want you to keep waiting. Give us the opportunity and enjoy the speed.

No Startup Or Maintenance Cost

We know the value of time, we don't want you to keep waiting. Give us the opportunity and enjoy the speed.

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API Features

API platform provides the following features:

  • Simple to Use REST API. Language bindings available in JAVA, Python3, C# & PHP
  • White Label System: Your user will be redirected on a white labeled page wherein domain name, color theme and Logo will be of your Brand, thereby giving your user the impression that they are working on your Web portal only.
  • Next day Margin Settlement. Our system credits your margins very next day in your Float Balance. No waiting for Margins.
  • Decide your End price your own. We don't interfere with what you charge to your users.
  • Privacy of each user, Your user details are not forwarded to us. Therefore you can maintain confidentiality of your user data.
  • Easy integration with high security with SSL features.
  • Wallet to Wallet Integration, Your user does not have to maintain balance in two separate Wallets.

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