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Income Tax Filling

Do I need to file Income Tax return?

Yes, you are required to file your income tax return if your income exceeds Rs. 2,50,000 in a Financial Year i.e. the basic exemption limit without giving effects to any type of deductions/investments.

How much Tax I have to Pay?

Use our TAX Calculator for ascertaining your Tax Liability.

How can I differentiate Assessment Year and Financial Year?

Financial Year is the actual financial year for which you’re filing your return and the Assessment Year will always be next year of financial year. For example, if you file return for F.Y. 2019-20, then the assessment year will be 2020-21. In India Financial Year is regarded as First day of April to 31st day of March in subsequent Year.

Do I need to submit documents to Easy Return while applying for Income Tax Records?

Not always, It depends upon the Nature of Income and Tax profile of the client. Our experts may have to see the documents /Bank Statements etc to prepare your Tax return. Also we assure you, your documents are in safe custody and will never be shared or misused.

What are Due date and Last Date of Income Tax Return?

Due date of filling is the date up-to which Assessee can submit its return without paying and Interest and Late fees.

Last Date of filling is the date after which Assesse cannot file its return.

  1. Due date for A.Y.2020-21 is 30.11.2020.
  2. Last date for A.Y. 2020-21 is 31.03.2021.
My Tax is Payable, How do I pay my Tax?

Income Tax can be paid both Online and Offline, We will create a challan for you either you can deposit challan in your Bank or You can pay Online through payment link provided by us.

I got Notice for Income Tax Department, what Should I do?

Though our expert take care of all the aspects while filling Tax returns. Even thereafter If you get notice form Tax Department please get in touch with us at email. We will look into the matter on priority.

Do I have to pay more for Submitting response of Notice to Income Tax Department?

If you have given all the details correctly and our experts have filed according to the same then You don’t have to any amount. However, If on ascertainment it was found that Tax information provided to us was Incorrect/Incomplete, Misleading, Erroneous then we shall charge for the same depending upon the case.